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Post by Exterminate on Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:06 am


All staff members reserve the right to take action in any situation they see fit, if you feel a staff member has been unfair, please report them in the correct section of the forums.

On Fission we have members of all different religions, cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and everybody is entitled to their own opinion, please refrain from being disrespectful of others. Do not spam at home or in other crowded areas, or in the yell chat. Do not repeatedly ask for items or to be staff. Do not try to do a moderator's job as a player. Do not encourage others to rule break. If you feel you see a wrong doing, and no current staff are online - Please make a note of it, and post it on the forums or PM one in-game, thanks :)

Do not bot/macro or use third-party clients. Do not call a staff member to you only to kill them. Do not hack, DDoS, or threaten players with hacking or DDoSing. Do not impersonate staff. Do not scam.

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