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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:47 pm

These are what you can donate for and the benefits!

-Donator store
-Donator zone!
-Spins on the Squeel of Fortune! (you can possibly win, Nex stuff, Party hat's, Halloween mask's,Third age, Colored whips etc).
-Switch spell book anytime except in the wilderness!
-Instant slayer master (get a task anywhere at anytime)
-Can yell!
-Donator title if wanted

Regular Donator Status; $5.00 (comes with a donator cape with bonus exp rate) and all the donator perks.
Super Donator Status; $10.00 (as above)
Extreme Donator Status; $20.00 (as above)

Regular ; 3.5M Osrs GP or 10M Rs3 (eoc)
Super Donator ; 6.5M Osrs GP or 18M Rs3 (eoc)
Extreme Donator ; 11M Osrs GP or 33M Rs3 (eoc)

PvP armour sets (Vesta Etc) : $2.50 USD or 1M Osrs GP or 4M Rs3 (eoc)
Third Age Sets : $3.50 USD or 1.5M Osrs GP or 5.5M Rs3 (eoc)
Dragon Trimmed sets : $3.00 USD or 1.2M Osrs GP or 4.5M Rs3 (eoc)
Chaotic Weapon : $4.00 USD or 2M Osrs GP or 6.5M Rs3 (eoc)
Primal Weapon : $7.50 USD or 4M Osrs GP or 10M Rs3 (eoc)
Nex Sets: $10.00 USD or 7.5M Osrs GP or 16M Rs3 (eoc)
Celestial set (including staff) : $12.50 USD or 9M Osrs GP or 19M Rs3 (eoc)
Sagittarian set (including bow and 1K sagittarian arrows) : $11.00 USD or 8M Osrs GP or 17M Rs3 (eoc)
Primal Armour : $17.50 USD or 15M Osrs GP or 30M Rs3 (eoc)
Halloween Mask : $7.50 USD or 4.5M Osrs GP or 11M Rs3 (eoc)
PvP Weapons : $1.50 USD or 1M Osrs GP or 4M Rs3 (eoc)
Hand Cannon ; $1.00 USD or 750K Osrs GP or 1.5M Rs3 (eoc)
Santa Hat ; $9.50 USD or 6.5M Osrs GP or 14M Rs3 (eoc)
1k Rocktails ; $1.00 USD or 500k Osrs GP or 900K Rs3 (eoc)

More Will Be Added Overtime.

Only Donate Via Dreamshot Message me on the forums or via Skype (Forums Name; Admin)

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